Untitled Structures with Leslie Hewitt

Over the past two years I've been working with Artist Leslie Hewitt and her collaborator Bradford Young on the design and installation of their work "Untitled Structures".  Our relationship began while I was working for The Menil Collection in Houston.  Since then we've mounted the show in Lofoten, Norway, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, The Powerplant in Toronto, and currently at The Sculpture Centre in New York City.

The video below is a 3D photorealistic rendering of the installation built us in Cinema4D.

Upside Down Arctic Realities

Be Johnny was appointed A/V Technical Director for the exhibition at The Menil Collection entitled "Upside Down Arctic Realities".Working with Paris-based composer Philippe Le Goff, exhibition designers Doug Wheeler and New York's Drawn by MKC, we enhanced the show with a 20 channel surround audio installation featuring years of field recording research from the arctic. An iMac runs the entire installation with custom written software in Max/MSP and is completely automated.

To learn more about the exhibition, see The Menil Collection website

Dream Theater

Be Johnny was instrumental in creating Dream Theater's video show for four major world tours. We started be designing the screens and projections, playback and camera system.

Our fine work is featured prominently on Dream Theater's live DVDs available on Dream Theater's Website. The video below captures the essence of touring, and features a great view of the custom 'Rhombus Flower' projection mapping we built for the Dramatic Turn of Events tour.


Johnny had fun touring with the Grammy award winning act Fun. as video director in 2013.  Partnering with Solotech in Montreal, the production featured a multi-layered video wall stage topped with a large cinematic led wall backdrop.  

Ken Ueno - OtherMinds Festival

At 2012's Other Minds Festival in San Francisco, Johnny was commissioned to perform live video with the Del Sol Quintet, with the world premiere of Ken Ueno's piece "Peradam" - Reacting to the stage set, I built an impromptu video mapping on the theater's sound baffles.





Thomas Dolby - Time Capsule

Long time collaborator Thomas Dolby asked us to design/build a "Video Time Capsule" trailer which he take with him on his 2012 tour.  The idea was fairly simple, build a tricked out, steampunk etro teardrop trailer.  Inside we constructed a video recording suite used to record guests' "messages to the future".  The videos are subsequently uploaded to a YouTube Channel at http://www.time-capsule.tv/


A new kind of interpretive research platform has been constructed at the Buffalo Bayou field station in Houston. Built by the group Simparch in association with Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI), with the support of the UH Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts, the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, and CLUI’s Inland Waterways Initiative. The vessel is an audio/visual public address system, as well as a floating workstation, designed to support the production and presentation of creative interpretive projects on the nation’s inland waterways. It is used as a live-aboard structure, developing and refining self-contained and energy efficient living systems, including solar power and water treatment technologies, and addressing the challenges unique to locations such as urban drainage channels. Researchers also use the platform to produce and display audio/visual programs related to their research and environment, including Buffalo Bayou, where the vessel is based.

Built on an aluminum pontoon base, the boat is named Tex Hex due to its Texas origins and the hexagonal shape that recurs in its form and concept, referencing such things as Fullerian polygons, coastal fortifications and petrochemical molecules. The boat connects to a modular hexagonal floating raft structure that can be moved and reconfigured, like a small floating island, and transition between ship and shore.

On May 21, 2011 The University of Houston Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts and Buffalo Bayou Partnership presented TEX HEX: Pop Up Cinema: PAST FORWARD.

Filmmaker and Artist in Residence Deborah Stratman curated the evening’s program, Visionary Transport. This 70 minute film program features artistic takes on car culture, with works by Kenneth Anger, Buckminster Fuller, Buster Keaton and Amanda Pope, amongst others.

The Glitch Mob

We've designed the visuals and set design for their 2010 "Drink The Sea Tour"{C} The tour kicked off in April and continues through the summer in North America and Europe in support of the TGM's new album. The design features a video-centric immersive stage wash using multiple projectors and hemispherical safety mirrors, as well as a full cyclorama projection. Ohm64+VDMX+VIXID yeah..we've got that. Photos below are from the tour.

Surface Magazine - Art Basel Miami

Be Johnny worked with New York's Jacob Abramson Productions to create a live ambient video installation for Surface Magazine at the 2008 Art Basel Miami. Five designers were commissioned to create amphibious sculptures using a CNC process and Dupont Corian. These sculptures were strategically placed around the rooftop pool at Miami's Gannsevoort South Hotel.

Be Johnny created the visuals, illuminating the pool environment with DMX controlled VMS (Video Moving System) projectors, In addition to the installation, we designed a presentation for Surface Magazine's Avant Guardian Project and the Guggenheim Young Collectors Council, displayed on 20 flat screen displays throughout the hotel.

Shot on Canon XH-A1, VJ rig: 2x VMS projectors, Vixid VJX-16 Mixer, Macbook Pro and VDMX.

Adam Freeland

Be Johnny created the visuals and VJ'd live for DJ Adam Freeland at Coachella Music FestivalAdam was a headline act in the dance tent where we spun bold magic on 3 large LED screens.


Film School Tour

Be Johnny created the visuals for Film School's 2008 tour, a shoegazer indie act based in Silverlake. We had a great time working with the band to develop a future-retro, psychdelic stage wash, which could easily be deployed night to night by the band in small to medium size venues across North America.

a:minima book

We're featured in the book A:Minima 22 Live Cinema published in Barcelona, Spain and curated by Mia Makela (SOLU) Featured Artists include:

Chris Allen - HC Gilje -Kurt Ralske - Johnny DeKam - Casey Reas - Telcosystem - Things Happen - Lia - Lillevan - Sue C. - Pink Twins -Transforma - Carsten Nicolai - Olga Mink - Klaus Obermaier - Ilan Katin - Philipp Geist - Susana Karrasch - Electronic Shadow - Aether - Realited United - Boris & Brecht Debackere - Mia Makela - Sandra Naumann - Asli Serbest - Mona Mahall - VJTheory - Mari­a PTQK - CAMP -Daniel Garcia Rovira


Ve-Ja Book

We're featured in the book "Ve-Ja" http://www.vjbook.com available now through Microcinema international ‘vE-”jA: Art + Technology of Live Audio-Video is a global snapshot of an exploding genre of tech-art performance: VJing and live audio-video. The book covers 40 international artists with 400+ colour images and 50+ movies and clips on an accompanying DVD and web downloads.


Thomas Dolby Tour

We sometimes refer to 2006 as our "Year of Dolby"  since we were deeply involved for an extended period with the famous music & technology pioneer. The creative relationship was one of the best collaborations we've ever engaged in. We teamed up with film-maker Brian Ziffer to create and curate the visuals. We designed the video production, right down to Thomas Dolby's video enabled headmount POV cam. Then we traveled North America and Europe VJ'ing and Directing the video production. Along the way we documented multiple shows and produced 2 live DVD releases plus a vodcast series. Thomas Dolby The Sole Inhabitant

Thomas Dolby Live in Chicago

What Wall?

Concert Saxophonist Brian Sacawa commissioned  projection and visual design for his show entitled "WhatWall?". The concert featured contemporary compositions from Yale and Harvard composers. In addition to saxaphone, the pieces featured turntables, violin and electronics. Performed at the Duderstadt Center in Ann Arbor, we designed projections on a large 60' wide semi-circular cyclorama, and a hanging trapazoid, transparent, multi-layer projection screen.  The concept was to create an audio-reactive visual environment that the players could move within. The embedded video above was recorded live, performed by Brian Sacawa, composer was Ken Ueno.


The Ruse of Medusa

A theater + music production at  The North Carolina Stage Company in Asheville, NC in 2005. At the time, Johnny was working with David McConville at The Elumenati… Together creating a complete stage wash projection using a patented single fisheye projection lens with stunning results.

Our projection accompanied the first hour of the performance, live piano works of Eric Satie, played by Sebastian Collett.  This was then followed by a re-enactment of a famous play made at Black Mountain College featuring giants of modern art at the time (Cage, Merce Cunningham & even Buckminister Fuller)— the original playbill and webpage for the show is here.  Johnny wrote custom software with Max/Jitter to create audio reactive abstract forms.  

Sasha & Digweed

Johnny VJ'd the Delta Heavy Tour, spinning visuals created by Imaginary Forces.  The tour featured Sasha, John Digweed & Jimmy Van M. Ten weeks long, produced by Immortal Entertainment, it was the largest production tour of DJ's spinning vinyl in American History. In the end, there was a DVD documentary released about the tour called "Delta Heavy" available on Amazon, where Johnny is featured extensively. [tags=deltaheavy]